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The REALIZE® Band is the newest type of adjustable gastric band. Like the LAP-BAND® System, the REALIZE® Band is a minimally invasive bariatric surgery that can also help our patients lose weight over the long-term.

How the REALIZE® Band Works

Dr. Enrique Whittwell uses a laparoscopic, or minimally invasive, procedure to fasten the REALIZE® Band around the patient’s stomach, creating a small upper stomach with a narrow opening to the lower stomach to restrict food intake.

Also like the LAP-BAND®, the REALIZE® Band connects to an adjustable port in the patient’s stomach where Dr. Whittwell can add or remove saline fluid to tighten or loosen the band and control food intake to help you lose weight.

Advantages of the REALIZE® Band

The advantages of the REALIZE® Band are similar to those of the LAP-BAND®, with the addition of the post-surgery software program.

  • Post-surgery support. All patients who undergo REALIZE® Band surgery have access to a software program with which they can track their weight and use daily food diaries to record what they’re eating.
  • Not as invasive as other bariatric surgeries. The REALIZE® Band is usually inserted laparoscopically, using small incisions and long instruments rather than a single large incision, and it doesn’t involve cutting or stapling the stomach.
  • Easy adjustments. In many cases, no follow-up operation is necessary to modify the diameter of the narrow opening between the upper and lower stomach.
  • Can be removed if needed. Though it’s designed for the long-term, if you require removal of the REALIZE® Band, your stomach should return to its original form.
  • Shorter stay in the hospital. Patients normally leave the hospital the same day or stay overnight after the laparoscopic operation.
  • Faster recovery time. Patients usually resume normal activities within a week or two if the REALIZE® Band is inserted laparoscopically, and within four weeks if the procedure is not done laparoscopically or if there are complications.

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